Alone | Halsey x Big Sean x Stefflon Don



I feel like we've been getting quite a few interesting collaborations lately.  This is one of those songs that I thought was cool with my initial listen but as I got to really listen, I liked it even more.  Although Halsey has been putting music out since as early as 2014, I was first introduced to her last year with the release of her album and the hit singles she had from that album.  She actually has a really dope voice and the distinctiveness of it puts her slightly outside of the typical pop chick in my eyes.  Big Sean did you what you can expect and I didn't mind it.  Stefflon Don is somebody that I feel like I'm seeing pop up more and more and for good reason.  I love how the beat changed to match her Jamaican flavor.  This song was actually on that album as a solo song but I guess she decided to spice it up a little.  I would guess with these features, Halsey's rapper boo (G-Eazy) has her trying some things in the hip hop lane but I appreciate that she didn't just try to jump in doing too much.