Figures, A Reprise | Jessie Reyez x Daniel Caesar



I don't know how I missed this song when it was first released, but thank God for this reprise to bring it to my attention.  Not just the song, but the artist herself.  Almost immediately, I was into the sound of her voice and her vocal style.  The song was originally released on Jessie Reyez's debut album, Kiddo, that was released almost a year ago.  She also apparently performed the original version of the song on the BET Awards last year, but I have no recollection of her.  It was smart for her and her team to re-release this track to put some new life back into the song, the album and draw some unknown attention to the artist.  Her and Daniel on this track sound like magic...I feel like their styles are similar which is why they work so well together on the song.  I'm certainly intrigued and I'm definitely adding Kiddo to my list of things to get into for the week.