Absolutely Going Brazy | Future



Ok, I know I just did a review with a Future feature yesterday but I feel like I've been shitting on my dawg lately so I had to come back after hearing this release this morning.  Finally! This is sounding more like the Future that I love.  I've always loved some of Future's slower tracks like "Blood On the Money" and "Feds Did a Sweep," so this song was giving me those types of vibes when I heard it.  It's a super short track so this may just be a song he released to let the hive know that he ain't lost his step.  After releasing loads of music over the last few years, it's been a little quiet for Future (not really counting the Super Slimey tape with Thug).  Hopefully, a mixtape or album will be dropping soon and I predict it'll be a surprise drop.  Whatever it is, I hope it's along these lines and less of the "Top Off" vibe.