Walk Thru | DJ Esco x Nas x Future



The original mf Esco! I don't know why DJ Esco didn't keep that first single he released the other day and come out with this first.  Well, I guess I do understand why, the other track is more of a "radio single" but this song is banging way harder than that.  And not just because he got the legend on here...everything about it just sounds better.  This track got me a little more excited to hear the new album Kolorblind.  This song is more my speed.  As I said yesterday on the review for the latest Future solo song, I prefer hearing him on these slower tracks so when the track beginning playing, I immediately was intrigued.  Turns out the song is Nas rapping on almost all 5 minutes of the track with Future just taking the hook.  Hopefully we don't start seeing this narrative about Nas doing "trap music" now because honestly it's still Escobar but just on a trap-ish beat.  Song is dope, adding it to my faves now and I already know I'm going to be riding to this one for a minute.