Flirt | PRhyme x 2 Chainz



As a listener of the Joe Budden podcast, I've been hearing about the return of the duo PRhyme for a minute now.  Now I must admit, that I've never really checked for Royce Da 5'9, probably mainly because of the Eminem affiliation, who've I've never really been a fan of.  The duo consists of DJ Premier and Royce and fans of the duo have been waiting on their sophomore album as a group, PRhyme 2, for quite some time.  The project is expected to be released on March 16th and this single was released today as the lead off from the album.  I must say, I had to rewind 2 Chainz's verse several times.  He has really been showing out on the features lately and starting to get the top lyricists in the game conversations going on his behalf.  Though I recognize the talent displayed on the track, it's not necessarily one that is sticking to me, but after hearing this, I will definitely give the new album a listen, which is more than I probably would have said before hearing this track.