Flower of the Universe | Sade



Yes, ladies and gentleman, the legend #Sade is back with new music.  Even if it's merely a song for the A Wrinkle in Time movie, we need to count our blessings when we get them.  It literally has been since 2011 since we last heard from Sade and that's definitely way too long.  So the version of the song that I'm hearing on my streaming service is the No I.D. remix but the version that I've posted below is the original version which is pretty much the exact same song without a little extra thump to the production.  I'm not sure which one they'll be pushing since they both seemed to have been released at the same time.  Of course it is Sade, so you can expect smooth and sultry vocals throughout the entire song.  If Ava Duvernay was able to commission Sade for this soundtrack, I'm curious as to what else it will have to offer.  The soundtrack will be dropping this Friday along with the movie and hopefully, this will spark more music from Sade because I think it's safe to say the whole world will be waiting after this tease.