GOTTI | 6ix9ine



Ahead of a court hearing that was not having a promising outlook for Tekashi 69, he released this song as an addition to his latest album release, Day 69: Graduation Day.  So just like I'm not afraid to say when an artist I love puts out trash music, I also don't mind doubling back on an artist that I previously said was trash.  On a previous podcast episode, I reviewed another song from this same album and it sounded just awful.  This song has a totally different vibe than the other song I heard and dare I say, I kinda like it.  Because of the previous song, I had no interest in hearing the rest of the album, but I also kept hearing people say his music wasn't that bad, and this was from people who's music opinions I trust.  I decided to give this track a listen and it's not a bad song at all.  I think if he sticks to this format as opposed to the yelling and screaming flow that I heard previously, I think more people would be open to giving his music a chance and not judge him on what he looks like and the internet antics.