Chun-Li | Nicki Minaj



She is back!! As promised earlier this week, Nicki Minaj is officially back with two new singles from her upcoming album.  I must say the production on both of the tracks are stellar and both knock, easily passing the car test (S/O to J. Reid).  This track is my favorite of the two though both are able to hold their own.  Both songs feature Nicki talking major ish and reminding everyone that no matter who came out last week, she's the queen of this female rap thing.  She also did an interview today announcing that she does have a new album coming but few details were given about that.  I don't like playing into the narrative that tries to pit Nicki vs. Cardi or any female rapper for that matter so I won't even bother with that.  Let's just say it's good to see what I hope is friendly competition in the female rap game as it keeps everyone on their toes and dope music for us to enjoy.  Nicki also has a song coming later today that's a feature with one of my faves, Young Thug, so we'll get into more of that later.