Bag Talk | Jim Jones x Ball Greezy



In case you didn't know, Jim Jones dropped a new album this past #NewMusicFriday titled Wasted Talent.  I've never been the biggest Jim Jones fan but as with all music, I figured, I'd at least give it an initial listen.  I must say, it's a pretty solid project.  A lot the production is dope and that caught me by surprise.  Not to say he's usually on not so good beats, but a lot of the production didn't have that "up North" sound that I was anticipating, which is usually my beef with a lot of NY music.  I was also surprised to see a collab with Ball Greezy on this song (and another on the album).  This song is a cute little number...kind of silly but enough to make for a nice little song for the club.  If this track isn't for you, I would still recommend listening as there are more lyrically serious tracks. Definitely an album that I would come back to, which is not something that I would have expected.