Tidal Wave (Just a little reference) | kiLL edward



As posted on our IG page (@Irkedmusicgeek) earlier, J. Cole released both the cover art and track list for his upcoming #KOD album that is dropping on Friday.  J. Cole who has been known for being feature-less on his albums, caught everyone by surprise when there was an unknown name listed as a feature on multiple tracks.  This song popped up this week as well and it is being listed as a reference track.  Now hearing the song, I'm pretty sure Cole is going to keep the no feature streak going because it definitely sounds like kiLL edward is him with some assistance of vocal distortion.  Although artists often times have alter egos, it's pretty cool how Cole is using his (if it is in fact him).  I must admit that I was kind of feeling meh about this new album, but after seeing both the cover art, which is beautiful btw, and seeing the track list, I'm kind of pumped to hear it now.  Side note: If this is Cole, the fact that he created a soundcloud page for the alter ego is pretty funny (and good marketing).