All Or Nothing | Naughty Boy x Ray BLK x Wyclef Jean



I feel like everyday I've been waiting on new songs to drop and it hasn't really been happening.  I can always count on the eve of New Music Friday to bring us some new music to get a head start on the day.  The cover art of this song initially caught my attention and prompted me to listen because Wyclef was the only artist on the song that I was familiar with.  The song changed courses, in a good way, for me when the production breaks down about 30 seconds in and we get a reggae vibe. Naughty Boy is responsible for the production and although there really isn't anything too original about it, Ray BLK's voice on the song makes it appealing to me.  As I was listening, I definitely made note to listen to more of her music.  It's a decent song but I feel like because of the production, it doesn't really stand out enough to make a major impact on a listener.  If nothing else, it definitely put me on a new artist, which is always fun.