Get You Home | Tink



Tink has slowly been back out here with the music and letting her presence as a dope female rapper be known more and more.  She dropped a new EP this past Friday titled Pain & Pleasure, and I must say, all 6 tracks are riding.  Like most of her music that I've heard before, the production has a sexy sound to it but still got some knock to it.  Since her last release that I reviewed back in January, she has gotten free from Timbaland's label and is now hitting the game as an independent artist.  Not sure why her debut album was never released under the label but clearly she needed to get free from that situation.  Not long after that announcement, she drops this project so clearly the break wasn't about her not wanting to make music.  I love this song as she is showcasing both her abilities as a singer and a rapper.  She needs to step up the marketing because she's too talented to be overlooked and with the female rap category growing so quickly, there should definitely be a spot for her.