Pineapple | Ty Dolla $ign x Gucci Mane x Quavo



I feel like it's been a minute since I've talked about a solo Ty Dolla $ign track, as opposed to a song that he's being featured on.  I ran across this track after it's release this past Friday, and I wasn't all that enthused about it, but with this past #NewMusicFriday being jammed packed with so much music, I felt like I needed to come back to it to really give it a listen.  Yep, still feeling the same way.  The song, and more so the hook just sounds kind of elementary.  The features on the song are pretty on par, but the songs just feels blah to me.  I like a number of Dolla's music so it's hard to fall for this track knowing the type of music he's capable of.  The track is showing up for now as a single for a TBD album, so that should mean we will get more solo new music soon even though it feels like he just released Beach House 3 damn near yesterday.