Damage | Mya


I had no idea that Mya was still out here making music.  With a new album release this past #NewMusicFriday, I discovered that despite about a 5 year break, she's never really stopped releasing new music with her last album coming out just two years ago.  This new album, T.K.O. (The Knock Out), is definitely for the classic R&B lovers.  Back to the basics, this song puts me in the mind of R&B music I used to love back when I was too young to be listening.  A lot of the songs have this same vibe...sexy production that will have you wanting to add to your special playlist.  Mya has never really made bad music so I'm not sure where the mainstream disconnect happened.  It could have been the break she took and the evolution of music over the past decade or so.  There's certainly an audience that would appreciate her music and she is clearly catering to them.