A Friend A Fan A Kid | Bobby Feeno

Bobby Feeno


I'm sure if you even clicked on this, you were wondering "who the hell is Bobby Feeno?" Well, it is no other than former football star, Arian Foster, who has traded in his cleats for the microphone and I must say, I'm impressed.  I've always had a habit of disregarding athletes when they turn rapper but after hearing some real ish from Iman Shumpert on his show last week, I said I would make a conscious effort of not doing that (he basically said it's not fair that they're boxed into only one thing like they're not capable of doing other things).  This track just dropped today and he really is rapping...like lyrical content and thought-provoking music.  The three verses are him rapping from the point of view of a friend, a fan and a kid and all speaking about his journey in the NFL.  Dope.  There isn't a whole lot of information on if he's gearing up for an entire project or if this was the test single to see how it was received, but either way, I'm paying attention.