Smoke.Netflix.Chill. | Tank and The Bangas



I know Tank and The Bangas makes some good music, but I must be honest and say the title of this song alone convinced me that this was worth a listen, didn't really matter who it was from.  Aside from being the recipe to an amazing day, the new song by the funk-soul collective is a nice groove.  I know I'm probably like most people and became familiar with the group when they won NPR's Tiny Desk Contest.  If you're still unfamiliar, just think of the Roots with a female as the lead.  They haven't released an album since 2013 and that was arguably before they were more well known so I would think they are in the process of releasing a new project.  This single was appropriately released on #420 so it could also be just a one off to celebrate the day.  This will definitely be a perfect addition to my Geeked Music playlsit and will have me on the lookout for more from the group.