Do Me Like That | Tammy Rivera

Tammy Rivera


After the release of her debut single as a musical artist, "All The Kisses," I think more people took Tammy seriously as a singer and musical act.  With a lot of these Love & Hip Hop acts creeping their way into music, a lot of them get the side eye without people even giving the music a chance.  After Cardi's rise, I think people look at it a little differently now...well for some of them.  It was apparent that Tammy could sing from various IG clips she would post of herself, but after releasing the single, I think she made it clear that this wasn't just a hobby.  Now, she has released an entire EP titled Fate.  This track is a nice representation of what you can expect from the EP.  A true R&B sound with vocals to match.  She really does have a nice voice and this is a song that just about every female could identify with or could have at some point in their life.   She definitely makes music for the once scorned female, but hey, that was her life at one point so you can tell the music is super personal.