Put Your Lovin Where Your Mouth Is | Poo Bear x Jennifer Lopez

Poo Bear


If you listened to the latest podcast episode, you probably now know that Poo Bear is no stranger to the game and certainly no stranger to hits as both a writer and a producer.  He just released an entire project yesterday, Poo Bear Presents: Bearthday Music, as many producers are doing these days.  I was interested in this track because I feel like I haven't really heard new music from J. Lo in a while, though it appears she's no longer going by that moniker, but the track is just okay.  I feel like the last releases from Jennifer have been in the latin music genre so it's cool to hear her back in the pop/R&B lane.  Though Poo Bear is actually providing vocals on many of the other songs on the album, this one is all Jenny.  I don't hate the song, but I also don't love it enough to save it to my faves.  I've always like Jennifer on more dance friendly songs so I think that's where the disconnect is for me.  The rest of the project is definitely worth checking out though.