Club Again | Damar Jackson x Yo Gotti



I stumbled upon this new artist during my usual scan of new music and discovered his new album, Unfaithful.  This was the first song I heard during my first-time shuffle listen and I was all in.  He definitely doesn't fit into the standard R&B category and is more along the lines of the trap soul subcategory.  Although I feel like that branch of R&B is more prevalent these days than the R&B I was used to coming up.  This song is a good example of what you get from the entire album.  As I listen to the rest of the project, I feel like this song is one of the standouts and the feature certainly helps and Yo Gotti is giving what you can expect from him.  This album is one of those that you can just hit play and get stuff done around the house and you won't necessarily find yourself having to go back and skip some songs.