All The Way Live | Freeway



It has been quite a while since I've heard any new music from may have even been since his State Property days. Since it's been so long, I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this track, but I will say I didn't expect to hear him on this type of production.  Not only was the production a different sound than I feel like I remember him being on, but his flow also sounded different too.  It's not a bad different though as it sounds like Freeway is just trying to adapt to the style of music that is prevalent today.  The song is cool, though I do wonder how diehard Freeway fans are feeling about it.  Freeway is still exhibiting the same bars that I recall him being capable of, but I feel like I can already hear the comments about him trying to make "trap music."  As a Roc Nation signee, he should hopefully get the right push to make his presence known in the game again.