Assurance |Davido



After dominating a lot of 2017 in the Afrobeat genre, Davido kept striking while the iron was hot by continuing to release songs at the top of the year.  Most of the releases this year have been collabs, but he is back with a solo song today.  As his boo's birthday was approaching, Davido dropped the album art teasing this new track so I already knew it was going to be some sort of love song.  As usual with a Davido song, the production on the track hits the mark and will have you dancing from the beginning without even realizing it.  I'm not sure if I like the song enough to save it to my faves, but I think the more I hear it, the more it may become a fave.  I certainly appreciate him challenging the norm of artists hiding their love interests as he makes it clear throughout the song, even calling her by name.  He's been on a constant roll and this release will not slow it down.