All Nighter | Doja Cat



So much music came out last week, I'm still discovering stuff that came out almost a week ago.  Doja Cat is the next artist on the list of new discoveries and she belongs on the I fux with it list.  She released her debut album, Amala, this past #NewMusic Friday and I've listened to about half of it and liked every song that I heard.  She has had some streaming success of a previous track but nothing has really broke on the mainstream level.  There's quite a few songs on the album that I heard that I think would make for a radio success, but per usual, that will come with proper promo and marketing.  Her wiki page lists her in the R&B genre, but her style could fit across other genres as well.  This song is a clear indication that you won't get your standard R&B song from her.  I'm digging her and she's officially on my "must-check-out radar."