Chanel | Rae Sremmurd x Pharrell



These boys just won't let up! Although I haven't been too crazy about all of the releases lately, they got me with this one right here.  The way that their names are appearing on the album art, I'm not sure if this is an official Rae Sremmurd song or if it belongs to one of their  individual projects with the other being the feature.  Either way, shit is jamming.  Mike Will showed out on this beat (as well as producer 30 Roc).  Though, I am a bit surprised didn't have a hand in the production.  I already know this is going to pass the car test and I can imagine that this will be played all over.  There's also a good opportunity to come up with a super dope video and with super creative videos making it's way back into the trend, it could be magical.  We don't have the SR3MM (SremmLIfe 3) album release date yet, but hopefully it'll be soon because all of these single releases has the anticipation at its max.