Ain't Ya Ex | Eric Bellinger x Mila J x Tink



After hearing about Eric's recent beef with Tory Lanez about style stealing, I was interested to hear this new album of his to see if there really were any comparisons.  Although I've heard some of his music before, I feel like I wasn't familiar enough to make that call without hearing this project.  I haven't been able to get through the whole thing yet but what I've heard sounds like most of the R&B dudes out right now, so not sure why the shots were only fired at Tory.  This particular song initially caught my attention because of the two dope female features.  It's a nice little bop and as can be expected from the title, Eric (and the ladies) is talking cash money ish about what makes him better than your last.  If you like the Bryson, Tory type of R&B, then the album will likely have some jams on there for you.