Roll (Burbank Funk) | The Internet

the internet roll


Yes, they are back! The California band hasn't made music as a collective since 2015 but they are officially back with this new song.  As soon as the song started playing, it put me in the mind of a Solange song from the True EP.  It immediately put me in a groove that was maintained for all 3 minutes and 9 seconds of the song.  The song definitely makes me want to roller skate across a house Swizz Beatz style.  I feel like the vibe of the song is a little different than we're used to hearing from them and it sounds like one of the other members took the lead instead of Syd, though I can definitely hear her vocals as well.  I would guess that this is a lead off single for a new project from the group, but there are no details to confirm that right now.  Their fans should be happy, but if you're not familiar with them, I would highly recommend going to their last album Ego Death if this song isn't enough to convince you of the group's dopeness.