New Light | John Mayer

John Mayer New Light


After releasing his first album in years last year (The Search For Everything), John Mayer seems to be done taking long breaks from music.  He's starting his 2018 off with this new single and it's pretty classic John Mayer.  A slightly uptempo production, John sings about possibly being the other man and wanting to possibly now be the only man.  The song is a cool little bop and I imagine with the type of star power that John Mayer has, the song will be playing on most of the pop stations within weeks.  There hasn't been any information released about if this single belongs to a particular album or if he has some other project coming this year.  Mayer fans will just have to enjoy this track and be patient.  I imagine he has more coming but this will have to hold the fans over for now, which they shouldn't be too mad at.