Going Once, Going Twice | BJ The Chicago Kid

BJ The Chicago Kid Opening Ceremony


It's officially been two years since BJ The Chicago Game has released music of his own and he is coming back with a new EP, The Opening Ceremony.  A super short, 3 song project, this track was the lead off and immediately had me intrigued.  Although I've listened to his music before, I can't say that I've necessarily been a fan in the sense that I follow all of his releases.  My initial feeling after hearing the song was that it sounded slightly different than what I've previously heard from him.  It still definitely has the similar R&B sound but the production on the track is also giving me a little trap-soul vibe.  The track is cool, but not necessarily enough to save to my faves.  The other two songs give me more of what I was initially expecting when I clicked play, and I'm sure his day one fans will appreciate the project since he's been on a small hiatus.