Yes Indeed | Lil Baby x Drake

Lil Baby Yes Indeed


When I saw that this new song dropped last night, I was immediately surprised by the collaboration.  Then, I remembered that Lil Baby is signed to #QC and they clearly have a good relationship with Drake vis-à-vis the Migos.  Between this and BlocBoy JB, Drake is outchea being generous af.  Truth be told, he definitely helped further the Migos early on when he dropped that Versace remix.  Production on the track is dope (s/o to #Wheezy).  Drake starts the track off as is the case for most of these unpredictable features.  HIs verse was just okay, felt a little lazy, but was okay.  Lil Baby of course has a verse and also takes the hook.  I felt super underwhelmed after hearing the track and immediately played it back hoping that would change.  Nah.  Unless they can come up with a viral-ready dance, not sure that this is going to have the same effect as "Look Alive."