Dinero | Jennifer Lopez x DJ Khaled x Cardi B

Jennifer Lopez Cardi B Dinero


Sheesh! Now this was my reaction just looking at this song before I even heard one note or sound.  I remember the news coming out that Cardi and Jennifer collaborated but that was months ago so I definitely wasn't thinking about it and certainly didn't expect it today.  I also don't think I knew that DJ Khaled was involved.  I've never hidden how I feel about Khaled but he got him one with this one.  This song is going to be an international smash.  I've said on a few of the podcast episodes that the latin music game has been booming now more than ever so this song was right on time.  Jennifer has been dabbling in that lane for some time and Cardi has had a feature or two that has put her on that map as well.  I will say there is a moment in J. Lo's verse where it sounded real reminiscent of Bey's flow on "Top Off," but it still works.  Mixing both Spanish and English throughout the song, this song arrived perfectly in time for this warm weather. I just hope they follow suit with a super dope video.