Bubblin | Anderson .Paak

anderson paak bubblin


I feel like there was so much music that came out this last #NewMusicFriday, I'm just now getting a chance to get into this new track by Anderson Paak.  This is the second release this year for Anderson and it seems like he's gearing up for a new album release which would make sense because his last album release was in 2016.  He's an artist that I feel like I've always enjoyed his music, but never really rushed to hear it.  This track initially caught me because of the production and he certainly kept the momentum going when he kicks in with the hook and the verses.  I feel like the song is giving me a slightly different vibe than I recall from the last songs I've heard from him but that certainly is not a bad thing.  It definitely is making me curious about whatever this next project is and the direction that the project will be going in, so hopefully we'll get more information soon.