Way Too Fly | A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie x Davido

A Boogie Davido


Well this a collab that literally came out of nowhere.  Now, I've been saying for over a year now that the #Afrobeat genre was on pace to start their takeover in mainstream America so seeing Davido on a track with a rap artist is not anything that is new or necessarily unexpected.  I think my surprise was more so the rap artist that was able to bag this feature.  A Boogie as steadily been trying to make his mark in the game and although I feel a lot of people in New York appreciate him, I don't know if the reach has been widespread just yet.  The song definitely has the musical sounds of a classic afrobeat or dancehall track, so it should make for a good song in certain club settings.  It will also probably do well internationally which is also not a bad look for A Boogie.  I'm sure a lot of his die hard fans won't be happy with the song because it's not really the type of song that allows you to really spit.  He's talked about various projects that will be coming this summer so the switch up is nice since it will likely be temporary.