The Story of Adidon | Pusha T

The Story of Adidon Pusha T


Okay, this is the last coverage I'm doing on this "beef" between Pusha T and Drake (I think). So, I've officially listened to Pusha's response and Jesus Christ.  The regular person in me says, let it end now, but the music geek in me is like, "so we gone get a Drake response before the night's done?" I mean, as long as it's kept on these tracks, I don't mind the beef but with the shots these two cats taking at each other, I can't imagine how this stays on "wax."  Pusha definitely went for the jugular and touched on some very personal things about Drake.  The two are going bar for bar, so if it keeps going, it feels like it may never end.  It's really hard to declare a true winner at this point because both tracks (since "Infrared") have left me with my mouth wide open and my eyes looking like a deer in headlights.  I also feel like it's only a matter of time before the two crews (G.O.O.D Music & OVO) start waging war on each other.  Let me get some popcorn.