Accelerate | Christina Aguilera x Ty Dolla $ign x 2 Chainz



We getting all the comebacks this week.  Next up, Christina Aguilera (*Jeezy voice*).  After a 6 year hiatus from making music, Christina just dropped this new track off and I feel like it's been so long since I've really listened to her music, I wasn't sure what to expect.  The features were certainly adding an element of intrigue.  The track begins and I'm like, ok, where is this going to go?  She starts singing with Ty Dolla $ign providing the assist and I'm thinking, it's okay.  Then the track gets a little strange with this singing that Dolla $ign starts doing.  THEN, we get to 2 Chainz and the song completely switches gears.  It honestly felt like I was listening to a completely different song at that point.  I prefer the production on 2 Chainz's verse but as a whole, the song is a bit confusing.  It sort of feels all over the place.   After looking up the credits, there are about 12 people credited for writing (and 6 for production) on the song which may explain why it feels like it's not cohesive.  Well, she's officially back with an album slated to drop on June 15th so hopefully we'll get another single so I can really decide how I feel about Xtina 6 years later.  Oh and if you're boycotting all things Kanye, he has both writing and production credit on the song.