Youth | Shawn Mendes x Khalid

Shawn Mendes Youth


Fresh off the continuing success of his last album, Shawn Mendes is back with new music for an upcoming new album (Shawn Mendes).  Pairing up with another artist making the same waves was a great idea because Khalid is still hot as well from his first album release and new releases.  And what better song title for a song with two artists adored by the young folk.  The content appropriately matches the title as they sing back and forth then together.  They sound good together and I could see this being one of those songs that kind of gets stuck in your head without you even realizing.  I'm sure both of their core audiences will be here for the song and they're both nicely adding to their discographies.   Shawn's album will be out May 25th so this will likely be the last preview we get into the project.