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Well alright Mac Miller.  From a hit-and-run to a three-hitter quitter today.  Mac is calming his fan base down today with the release of three new songs.  Out of the three, this one was the most appealing to me, mainly because of the production.  After the latest in the Pusha-Drake beef, the timing may not have been the best because all I'm still hearing about today is that new Pusha track and all the tea that came from it.  Mac hasn't been having the best year thus far, but looks like the music hasn't been effected.  I must admit that I've never really been into Mac's music as it really hasn’t been my thing.  Even though this track didn't have me changing it within the first 30 or so seconds, I also wasn't really rushing to play it back.  The other two releases were on the slower side of things and there isn't any information on if these releases are for a particular project.  I think he figured while his name is in the blogs, he should capitalize, but he probably should have waited a few days after the Pusha noise died down a bit.