Real Rich | Wiz Khalifa x Gucci Mane

Wiz Khalifa Real Rich


Wiz Khalifa has never really taken a break since jumping in the music game but he's back with new a single. I've said before that I have a preference for Kush & Orange Juice Wiz and I felt like I haven't heard much from Wiz recently that takes me back to that classic.  This track's sound is definitely in a different lane that that mixtape, but I don't mind it.  Immediately when I heard the production, I could see why Wiz sought out Gucci for the feature.  It sounds like a classic beat that Gucci would be on.  The song is okay, though I can't really say it left a lasting impression on me.  Wiz also sounded a little different on the track as I had to ask myself about a few lines in on his verse if that was really him.  I feel like Wiz fans will either hate this or love it.  Nonetheless, the anticipation for his upcoming album Rolling Papers 2 is building and there's a long way from the July release date so I'm sure we'll get more tracks to preview the new project.