Anti-Social Smokers Club | Slim Jxmmi x Zoë Kravitz

Slim Jxmmi Jxmtro


Okay, it's officially been 3 days since the release of SR3MM and I've been able to get through the entire triple disc project.  I feel like I still need to go back and listen again with a little more focus, but for the most part I've gathered what each album is giving.  After raving about my favorite track from the group album on the latest podcast episode, I was hoping I would get more faves from there rest of the project.  This song is one of the stand outs from Slim Jxmmi's, Jmxtro.  As expected from all 3 albums, production is top notched and it's hard not to be when you have Mike Will putting a hand in just about all of the songs.  One of the highlights from this song is the contribution from Zoë Kravitz.  Now, I know she did music, but I never really listened to her group Lolawolf, and I think I just assumed it was like a rock/pop group.  She is displaying her rap talents on this track and her voice sounds good on the track.  She was just on Janelle Monae' new album as well, so we may start seeing more of her as a solo act.