Salary Kaep | Wale

Wale Self Promotion, Salary Keep


I don't know what's gotten into Wale lately that has him back in this space, but I'm not mad at it at all.  He's not only been releasing a lot of music over the past few months, but he's been releasing a lot of dope music on the low (sort of).  A lot the music he has put out so far this year has felt more along the lines of the spoken word rap that he's so talented at doing, but this song has a little different vibe to it.  The production is banging but he's still delivering bar after bar as he addresses his feelings about the social state of our nation today.  Like many of the other releases, there really isn't an obvious hook so it's him just rapping for the life of the song.  This song belongs to a new suprirse EP released today titled, Self Promotion.  If the title of the project is any indication of the state of his career as it relates to his label situation, it looks like he's not letting the issues he was having with Atlantic hold him down by any means.