Can't Take Her | Too $hort x Ymtk

Too Short The Sex Tape Playlist


It's been about 4 years since Too $hort has released music and he previously announced that he would be releasing his 20th and final album this year.  That album is due out sometime in July 2018 and is titled, The Pimp Tape.  Before giving us that finale, Too $hort decided to drop a mixtape off this past Friday titled The Sex Tape Playlist.  My first thought after seeing that title was, it probably isn't the best idea to release music of this nature given the current sexual battery/rape charges that he's currently fighting.  Whether the allegations are true or not, it just feels a little weird and too soon.  Now granted, this has always been Too $hort's lane, so I guess it's like asking him to be a completely different person.  This track is the lead off and man, listening to this song and the whole mixtape made me realize how old I'm getting.  The track isn't bad, it's just a little much for my listening pleasure.  The outward vulgarity is not appealing to me and makes it difficult to listen to.  Like I said, this content is nothing new for him, so fans of $hort should be pleased.