Clout | Ty Dolla $ign x 21 Savage



After announcing a new deluxe version of his last album, Beach House 3, would be releasing this coming Friday, Dolla $ign dropped this track which I assume is on the re-release.  A lot of the appeal of the song for me is the production and the hook.  In an interview earlier today, Ty Dolla $ign explained that this was one of those songs where he recorded it and felt like it would be perfect for 21 Savage to hop on.  I could see why he would think that but what 21 delivered had me thinking otherwise.  His verse was pretty quintessential 21, but there was a moment in the verse where he seemed to be off beat.  It just doesn't sound like he spent much time on writing or recording his verse at all.  I think the production and Ty are enough to sustain the track, though I prefer hearing him on a slightly slower vibe.