Got Friends | GoldLink x Miguel

GoldLink MIguel Got Friends


GoldLink is on a little run right now!  I just discussed his verse on Christina Aguilera's new single, "Like I Do," on the latest podcast episode and today, he releases this new song.  I was sold on the track within the first 15 seconds and the appeal didn't die down as the song continued.  The production is dope and both artists approached it so effortlessly.  GoldLink's hit song "Crew," kind of gives you a good indication of what a collab between him and an artist like Miguel would be.  We get verses good enough to sustain the track and Miguel being Miguel, so it makes for a perfect song.  Between this song and the features GoldLink has been doing lately, I would guess that he's gearing up for a new project.  No information yet but I must admit that after this last week, I'm officially checking for him.