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Okay, I think I have fully recovered from the musical ambush this weekend with these two.  I must say, I had been recently complaining that Bey had not given us a new album with the US leg of this #OTRII tour quickly approaching.  I should have known to never doubt the Queen.  Now, I don't think I expected this to be a joint album with her hubby.  I know after the Lemonade release, the rumors were rampant that Jay would be releasing his version, then the couple would do an album together.  However, I've always been of the notion that if it hasn't come out of either of their mouths, I don't pay much attention to it.  I must say, I'm obsessed with this album.  I literally have not stopped listening since Saturday.  About 40 minutes of music that is really worthy of a straight through listen with no skips.  This song was cool to me after the initial listen, but after seeing the video, I was all in.  Just like the rest of the album, they're both spilling a little of their own tea and Beyonce is really on her grown woman ish when it comes to these lyrics.  I'm super hype for the concert right now and I can't really foresee putting this album away anytime soon.