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Jay Rock ES Tales


Thankfully because of the late Bey/Jay release, I was able to get into the new Jay Rock album, Redemption, on Friday when it dropped and realize how dope the project was.  After listening to and reviewing the latest single from the album, "WIN," I was officially on the lookout for this album, which is something I wouldn't have said before.  The album is just very well put together, from production to his flow and features being appropriately placed.  When I listened for the first time, I had it on shuffle mode so this track was the first one that played and I was immediately intrigued at how the rest of the album sounded.  The production has a grimy feel to it and the sound of his voice and flow match it so perfectly.  I don't even know what "ES" is, but I would presume based on the lyrical content of the song, it has something to do with where he grew up in Watts, but that's how you know the song is dope because it doesn't even matter that I don't know.  I'm officially a Jay Rock fan after this project and I imagine others that didn't know before would agree after listening.