Growing Pains | Alessia Cara

Alessia Cara Growing Pains


After snatching the Best New Artist Grammy award, Alessia Cara is back with her first single from her sophomore album, The Pains of Growing.  I feel like after her first album release in 2015, we didn't really hear much from her until she appeared on Logic's suicide hotline song.  Between that track and the releases I've heard from her, I feel like it's hard for me to relate to her and her music.  I also feel like because she's so young, a lot of the content of her music is too serious.  I would love to hear her on a fun, pop song that just makes you want to dance.  Granted, this track does have uptempo production, the content of the song just puts me more in a reflective mood than a dancing one.  There is no release date for the album yet, but I'm hoping that we'll get a couple switch up tracks because I feel like it's been more of the same with each release.