Green Gucci Suit | Rick Ross x Future

Rick Ross Green Gucci Suit


There have been a few Ross releases over the past year but nothing has really translated to the radio/mainstream success that Ross is known for having.  Ross has talked about his next album release, Port of Miami 2: Born to Kill, coming soon but all we know is that it's coming sometime this year.  This track appears to be the second single release for that album with the first being the collab with Kodak Black & T-Pain, "Florida Boy."  I have the same feeling about this song that I had about that track.  Underwhelming.  The hook was a large part of my distaste for the song.  Ross's flow is cool on his verses but it's not enough to make me want to come back.  And it's my least favorite Future style/flow on the song as well so it just makes for a one-listen for me.  He was promo-ing the song real hard at the BET Awards yesterday so he's rolling with it but after hearing both of these singles for this new album, I'm waiting on a 3rd and hoping for better.