Boys | Lizzo

Lizzo Boys


Just a few months after her last single release, "Fitness," Lizzo is back with more fun-loving music to dance to.  I feel like all the music I've heard from Lizzo puts you in that same mood, and that's not a bad thing.  This track has a slight psychedelic feel to it while Lizzo runs through the list of boys that catches her eye. and that list is not exhaustive.  Though neither of the singles released this year give me the feels that the first song of Lizzo's that I ever heard, "Truth Hurts" did, I'm still here for Lizzo and the music that she makes.  She also takes the art of music videos seriously and I love to see how the music translates visually.  It's officially been over a year since she's released a full-length individual project and with the music she's been dropping off lately, I would suspect she's gearing up for something.