9th vs. Thought | Black Thought

9th vs. Thought Black Thought


Despite what came out this past #NewMusicFriday, this was the good music that dropped.  After the infamous freestyle on Hot 97 some months back, there were talks that Black Thought, the voice of the legendary Philly band, The Roots, had an entire project coming.  Of course, the anticipation was high because it's been 4 years since we've heard an album from the band.  Although Black Thought has routinely done guest appearances on other artists songs/albums, this seems to be his first complete body of work as an artist outside of the group.  With only 5 songs on the project, I'm not sure if this is technically considered an album but he teamed up with famed producer, 9th Wonder, so the production is on point.  This particular track is dope, a little more up tempo and obviously, bars upon bars.  With the album being titled, Streams of Thought Vol. 1, it would suggest that there's a volume 2 coming down the pipeline, so definitely looking out for that as well.  It's always refreshing to hear this type of rap to know that hip-hop is not in fact dead.