This Way | Khalid x H.E.R.



Man, they are not playing with this roll out and promo for the Superfly movie and accompanying soundtrack.  After releasing about 2 singles, we got a third release today and the artist collaboration alone has me stanning.  The track begins and immediately, #issavibe.  If you've heard either of these artists separately, you can imagine that they would pair nicely on a track and they both live up to that.  With sultry production, laced through with the sound of drums and guitar strings, their vocals fit perfectly on it.  They each get their own verse, and they both tackle parts of the song together, real duet style.  #Future has done a pretty good job executive producing this soundtrack and I must admit, I'm surprised to see he's been able to step outside of his usual element.  The entire soundtrack drops on Friday, so I look forward to hearing the rest.