Jugg King (Remix) | Young Scooter x Rick Ross x T.I.

Jugg King Remix


It has literally been over a year since Scooter blessed us with this song.  I've been a strong proponent of the song since it's initial release and I've been hoping that the song would get some real working so Scooter could get him another one.  I've been in a few social settings over the last few months and have the track but I feel like a few DJ's & the streets caught on, but it never really caught on with the general public.  Adding these two heavy hitters to the song should hopefully increase it's exposure.  The highlight of the remix is Rozay as he leads the track off so effortlessly.  This version is worth replacing the original because we still get Scooter's original verses.  It looks like they're going to keep working the track and see if It can gain some traction.  A whole year and some change later and the song still goes hard.