SoulMate | Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake Soulmate


I had been very vocal about how I felt about the latest Justin Timberlake music that came out earlier this year (Man Of The Woods) and how I was not feeling it at all.  I was so excited for the return of Justin after what felt like a super long hiatus so when he began dropping singles for that last album, I was left feeling like, who is this?!  Then the album dropped and I was completely disappointed.  I would imagine that many people had that same feeling and that could be why we're getting more new music so soon after that album release in February.  Well, this track is not doing it for me either.  Although it doesn't sound as bad as most of the songs from the album, this also doesn't really feel like the Justin that I remember and love.  It's not a terrible song but it just gives me Justin doing his best Adam Levine impression vibes.  I miss that other Justin and since there is no information on what this song is a part of, maybe it means there is still hope that that Justin will be returning.